In today's energy market it's challenging to manage your projects effectively while maintaining high standards and healthy profit margins. The energy industry is seeing an unprecedented increase in activity, however, during this time of growth, we find ourselves having to work in an environment where competition is fierce for resources that are dwindling on a daily basis. Seidel Technologies has the experience & expertise to help your business take advantage of every opportunity.

Seidel Technologies helps you maximize the effectiveness of your operation by:

  • Providing you with access to quality engineering and operations management.
  • Giving you access to exceptional engineering capabilities and industry experience coupled with specialized training, process tracking and modeling capabilities.
  • Significant reduction in overhead. Engineering and operations sourced through Seidel Technologies give you the advantage of having industry experts onboard without the overhead associated with in house assets.
  • Better pricing of services and vendor contracts through our extensive network of industry contacts all over the world.
  • Reduced risk of cost overruns and delays.
  • Industry leading safety programs and world class training programs.

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